Explore Dystopian Berlin in State of Mind

State of Mind is a recently-announced new adventure game from genre maestro Daedalic Entertainment. Most known for their Deponia series, the company is delving right into something completely different with their newest title. The world of State of Mind is split in two distinct parts. First is the real world, a neon and hard angle-infused dystopia full of strife. On the other hand, there is also a virtual reality known as CITY 5 which has become an absolute utopia for many. There, nothing goes wrong and many more “real” people are opting to get their minds sent into virtual reality forever. Weirdly enough, this doesn’t sound nearly as far fetched in a world where virtual reality now exists.


Players assume the role of Richard Nolan, a father living in this futuristic Berlin setting. Unlike some father figures in gaming, Richard isn’t perfect. It is as a result of the troubles with his marriage that one day he comes home to find neither his wife or child present in their home. Fearing that she has taken them both to CITY 5, he attempts to upload his consciousness and find them. However, something goes wrong during the process. Instead of being fully uploaded, his conscious is copied to the virtual reality world while he still exists in the real one. State of Mind’s hook is that players will have to interact with their virtual reality selves in order to help find his family – and also stop reality from crumbling.

Having Richard in two places means there are two huge environments to explore – 2048 Berlin and the purely digital CITY 5. Throughout the journey players will need to interact with other characters and robots via dialogue choices, solve puzzles, and absorb the storyline written by Martin Ganteföhr (known for his work with other adventure titles such as The Moment of Silence). But it’s not just the writing here which looks like it will stand out. State of Mind also features an impressive visual style which is not quite like anything else out there at the moment.


The first time you see screenshots or actually view State of Mind in motion is surprising. The visuals are gorgeous — somehow both low poly but also incredibly modern looking. Perhaps it has something to do with the lighting or richness of locales, but the game just looks awesome. There also appear to be a variety of visual cues to other well known sci-fi properties if you keep an eye out. Although the game is obviously trying to tell a new story about transhumanism, there’s a lot of existing films and books to reference. As players interact with others around them, they may even change the game world due to their choices.

Right now it is estimated that this upcoming 3D adventure title will span somewhere along the lines of twenty hours to complete. This is huge as far as most genre titles are concerned. Daedalic has set the launch window for State of Mind at the first quarter of 2017. The game is coming to both PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux) as well as both the PS4 and Xbox One. If its story and gameplay are anywhere near as good as it looks visually, then State of Mind will be very much worth a play through.