Elite Dangerous: Arena is Free to Own This Weekend

In a move that came out of nowhere, Frontier Developments announced that Elite Dangerous: Arena would be going for the low price of nothing this weekend only. Unlike other “free weekend” promotions that other games have seen, this is not something that will be free to play over the weekend and then it must be purchased, Instead, once it’s snagged, it’s owned forever.

The Arena offshoot is a standalone version of the core game that focuses on PvP. There are four ships to choose from, customizable loadouts, unlocks via leveling up, and four distinct arenas for battle. Not a bad deal for nothing, and is certainly worth a player’s time to see if the Elite flavor of close quarter combat is up their alley. The title can be downloaded through Steam, or directly from the developer at FrontierStore.net. This deal will end Monday, July 11.