Pony Island Creator Reveals The Hex

Pony Island has been one of this year’s biggest surprises, a unique, genre-bending indie game for a few dollars that impressed us quite highly. And now, creator Daniel Mullins has announced his next game, which looks it will be sipping from a similar well while still maintaining to be refreshing: The Hex, a mystery game due out on Steam and itch.io.

Set in a tavern located within a video game universe, The Hex finds us attempting to deduce which of six video game characters – The Space Marine, The Sorceress, The Platformer, The Fighter, The Apocalypse Survivor, and The First-Person Perspective – is planning a murder. As seen in the trailer below, while you can maneuver their bodies around, you can’t change their minds, and you have to probe each one and go through what appears to be each of their respective games until you find the culprit. It certainly looks intriguing indeed, but can The Hex be just as much of an entertaining success? We’ll find out when the game comes out in early 2017 for $4.99.