RTS Game BOID Emerges From Early Access With Free Multiplayer

After spending time in Early Access on Steam for about a year and a half, tinyBuild and developers Mokus have now unleashed their new real-time strategy game BOID upon the world, and much like the previous game we saw from the publisher, One Troll Army, it actually has free-to-play multiplayer with a heavy focus on Twitch integration. Promising RTS action at its most primal, BOID is about a group of primitive life forms spawning from a crashed Bio Organic Infestation Drone that now have to fight it out for dominance.

BOID and its multiplayer mode are indeed completely free, but for those of you looking for a solo experience, it does have a ten-hour single-player campaign that you can purchase for $7.99. You can check out more of the game in the launch trailer below, and if you’re in the mood for some free RTS action with other players, it may be worth looking into even further.