Mega Man DOS Remakes Hit Steam Workshop as Free Downloads

The Mega Man DOS games were absolutely awful, and as someone who bought them in a pack with Street Fighter 1 and 2, I can confirm that they were as bad as the hype would lead you to believe. They lacked anything that made the NES games great and were easily the worst things to bear the Mega Man branding at the time. The idea of having new enemies and stages was a sound one though – the execution was just all wrong. Fans have been giving us new Mega Man games for years, and now they’ve given us a pair of remakes based on Mega Man 1 and 3 on the Steam Workshop. All you have to do is login to Steam, Subscribe to the content, download the game’s EXE file and you’re good to go. The game supports controllers right away and uses 8-bit pixel art and chiptunes for its soundtrack. There’s also a level editor and a boss maker as well. It’s an excellent package of content and it will cost you nothing to try out.