More Details for Pokémon Sun and Moon Emerge from New Japanese Trailer

Not only did we receive a surprising announcement earlier in the day, we were then treated to a brand new trailer showing off some new footage. Pokémon Sun and Moon have been on the minds of trainers ever since its announcement and with new creatures being revealed almost every week, we’re getting even more excited.

Today, a video was published from Japan showing off some interesting clips. We start out seeing a boy playing the game through his eyes and all the trials and tribulations he must overcome in order to be the best. He loses battles but trains hard and doesn’t give up. There’s even some fun mixed in to help keep his mind at ease. It takes a bit for new information to pop up but it builds to a huge comeback in the making.

We get to see some familiar faces reappear in the Alola region such as Butterfree, Miltank, Fletchling and Eevee. Speaking of Eevee, it was heavily used in battle with this trainer. Perhaps that’s a sign of a new form it could evolve into? We got a bit of action from the new Battle Royal mode as well as confirmation Pokémon-Amie is backbut with new ways of grooming. You’ll get to ride different Pokémon including Tauros to really give put a charge in your step.

Then, there are some brand new features being implemented. Use of some mysterious power bracelets gives your starters some kind of advantage. They unleash powerful attacks but the details have yet to be announced. The two previously leaked Pokémon make their debut as well. Both Kiteruguma and Mimitsukiyu appeared in trade sequences but we’ll have to wait for more information on them to arrive.

It’s a pretty decent trailer for those Pokémaniacs looking for even the slightest bit of fresh news. Take a look at it below and keep checking back for more Pokémon Sun and Moon posts.