Copy Kitty Gets Launch Trailer for Her Pending Steam Debut

Boki is a copy kitty with insecurities.  Her one ability is to clone the powers of others, and it’s hard to feel impressive when you’re just doing what someone else has already done.  Her uncle Savant sees some untapped potential in her and, in an effort to show Boki what she’s got, gives her a military training program for her birthday.  “Military training” in the case of Copy Kitty is an action platformer where you’ll need to pick up the dropped powers of defeated enemies and either use them one at a time or combine up to three at once for an even more powerful attack that also chews through the ammo fairly quickly.

Copy Kitty had been pay-what-you-want on for the last couple of years and it’s been a lot of fun watching it come together, but that time is done seeing as it’s just about time for release.  The game has been picked up by Degica for publishing on Steam, with a release date a little under a month away on 8/11.  Check out the new trailer below to see all the ridiculous and heavily pyrotechnic powers that Boki can earn as she mixes and matches the plentiful powerup drops she earns along the way.