Headlander Receives July 26 Release Date, Story Trailer

It’s no real secret that we’ve been pretty excited for Headlander, the upcoming ’70s sci-fi metroidvania game from Double Fine and Adult Swim Games. And while we’ve known for a while now that it was coming out this Summer, it still excites us even further to know that the finish line is finally in sight, as it was announced today that Headlander now has a concrete release date of July 26.

With this announcement comes a brand-new story trailer, showing more details concerning the plot, the groove-filled world, and the various robot characters you can encounter, including some plucky revolutionaries, all accompanied by an appropriate announcer sounding straight out of the decade that inspired everything. You can check out the trailer below, which should help prepare you for when Headlander is unleashed on PS4 and Steam in a couple of weeks.