Overwatch to Potentially Remove Hero Stacking in Competitive Play

Major changes are on the way to Overwatch in its next patch, which is currently available in the Public Test Region on PC. Perhaps the biggest change, aside from the fact that the newest hero Ana is coming out, is that hero stacking is going to be banned in the Competitive Play playlist.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this concept, hero stacking is when a team chooses more than one of a given hero when setting up a given composition. While this option will still be available in Quick Play and certain Brawl setups, Blizzard is aiming to remove a great deal of frustration that comes with certain stacked compositions. Perhaps the most annoying comps involved stacked turret characters, with multiple Torbjörns being especially lame to play against.

As someone with over one-hundred hours poured into Overwatch, it’s especially exciting to not have to play against the dreaded two Reinhardt two Bastion composition, as this became a massive pain to go against when attacking a given capture point. This update will also remove what are considered to be two of the best stacks in Overwatch: dual Winston and dual Lúcio.

Blizzard has noted that if there are major issues with this element of the upcoming update while it’s being tested, that it will not be included in the impending patch. One of the early concerns with limiting teams to having one hero per team is that if two players want to swap characters, they’d be unable to unless they chose a different character first. For instance, if Pharah and Reaper wanted to swap roles with one another, one player would have to choose, say, Widowmaker to work around the limitation. Another concern is that trolls will prevent some of the best heroes from being chosen by locking into an important hero before anyone else can pick. This could be especially troublesome if Reinhardt or Mercy gets chosen by a troll, as this could completely throw off a given composition.

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