Pen & Paper Inspired ‘Archmage Rises’ Hits Greenlight

Built to be a liberating RPG simulation that allows for player choices that can affect a world which in turn pushes back, Archmage Rises may not be a looker but it totes a level of depth many RPG fans may be longing for. Developed by Defiance Game Studio, Archmage Rises is inspired by pen-and-paper RPGs and puts players through a ton of decisions with plenty of varying repercussions. These can range from battle, life and death, or even in-game relationships. Playing with people’s hearts and then their lives is pretty normal. The randomly generated nature calls for a perma-death system and the different dungeons, arcane libraries, five schools of magic, customization, political options, and so on, call for some potentially very lively playthroughs. Players can swear fealty to a lord, invest in shops or new homes, and even start multiple families of their own. Players can even take on apprentices, with varying degrees of success, and put them to work. This is only scratching the surface as there is more to come when Archmage Rises gets further into development.

See the Steam Greenlight trailer for Archmage Rises below. Archmage Rises is slated for release the first quarter of next year.