Self-Healing to Contribute to Ultimate Charging in Overwatch

Overwatch is set to receive a major patch over the next couple of days, and aside from the fact that a new support character, Ana, is set to be added and hero stacking is potentially going to be banned in Competitive Play, another major change to certain heroes is en route. Self-healing is going to contribute to the Ultimate Ability counter, which previously only increased via time played, damage dealt and Mercy’s healing ability.

Because only certain heroes can self-heal, this obviously isn’t going to be a change that affects every hero. Mei, Soldier: 76, Bastion, Roadhog, Lúcio and Reaper are going to be the main characters affected by this, and because of this change, some of these characters are going to have their Ultimate costs raised. Easily the most significant Ultimate count increase is Roadhog, who is going to have a 45% bump in the requirement for his Whole Hog ability, though his Take a Breath self-heal is definitely going to mitigate what seems like a massive raise in Ultimate cost. Bastion, Soldier: 76 and Lúcio are all getting a 10% bump in their Ultimate costs, which is likely going to result in little to no change in the amount of time that is required to earn their Configuration: Tank, Tactical Visor and Sound Barrier Ultimates, respectively.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this is that Reaper and Mei are not getting a boost in their Ultimate costs, meaning that both heroes should be able to earn their Ultimates quicker. Granted, there could be a change made to this before the Public Test Region playlist is removed upon the update’s release, but expect to see a whole lot more Blizzard and Death Blossom Ultimates if the changes stick as advertised.

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