Darkrai Shows Off its Skills as New Pokkén Tournament Fighter

It’s been an entire year since the arcade release and only a few months after the Wii U version of Pokkén Tournament burst onto the scene. Now, we’re finally receiving a brand new character to kick even more Pokébutt.

Darkrai is a phenomenal inclusion for its massive array of attacks along with a legendary status. In its debut footage, we see Darkrai create clones of itself, shoot shadowy aura, and even open vortexes to the a nightmare fueled hallucination. You even get to see its Burst Attack if you stick around for the end.

The trailer also lets us know three other characters will be available in the arcade version: Braixen, Garchomp, and Dark Mewtwo. It then finishes by including new backgrounds and outfits for trainer customization. It seems the updates will go into affect as soon as next week on July 20.

Check out Darkrai and some more footage in the announcement below.