Evolve: Stage 2 Reaches 1 Million Players on PC

Evolve’s jump to free-to-play appears to be paying off with Stage 2 reaching one million players.

Evolve released back in February 2015, and quickly fell off the radar. Player counts dropped rapidly until the game was practically dead. However, the game has seen a massive turnaround on PC since developer Turtle Rock Studios unveiled Evolve: Stage 2, a transitioning from the paid model to a free-to-play model, and it’s working.

Turtle Rock Studios has tweeted that the player count on PC has reached one million in less than a week. To celebrate, anyone who logs in between now and Monday, July 18 at 10am PST, will receive the Blood Eagle Hunter Skin for the character Griffin. The skin will be delivered at the end of the time period.

Evolve: Stage 2 kicked off last week, ending the old game’s paid model on PC. All hunters and monsters will be rotated frequently to ensure that free-to-play players can experience all the content. Silver keys, the new in-game currency, can be used to permanently unlock the different characters. Those who paid for Evolve are classified as “founders” in Stage 2 and all the characters and content they unlocked/purchased in the original game will automatically be unlocked for play. As founders, legacy players will also receive a package of in-game goodies.

Evolve: Stage 2 is currently in beta testing and is available to download now on PC via Steam. Stage 2 will roll out on PS4 and Xbox One sometime in the near future.