Pokémon Sun and Moon Steelbook Dual Pack Available for Pre-Order

While Pokémon Go might be getting all the attention at the moment, Nintendo has two ‘traditional’ games in the works. Pokémon Sun and Moon are set to release on November 18 exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS. The two games are taking place in the Alola region, which is comprised of a series of islands.

For those who like to pick up both versions, or for those who have a friend or loved one they want to play with, Nintendo is releasing a dual pack, which bundles both versions of the game into one package. Available exclusively on Amazon, the dual pack comes with a rather snazzy steelbook, featuring Solgaleo and Lunala, the legendary mascots for both games, while the inside also features an aerial view of the Alola region.

The steelbook dual pack is available for pre-order now for $89.99, which is slightly more expensive than purchasing the games separately. Luckily, for those with an Amazon Prime membership, you can pre-order for a discounted price of $71.99.