TennoCon 2016 Attracts Over 1,000 People, Raises $74,000 for Outward Bound Canada

Publisher and developer Digital Extremes has revealed that its first Warframe-themed gaming convention, TennoCon, attracted more than 1,100 people in attendance.

Those who purchased tickets for TennoCon, held at the London Convention Centre on July 9, helped in raising proceeds for Outward Bound Canada, a charity organization that supports women affected by violence, military veterans and vulnerable youth.

The total amount collected from the event was $74,000, Digital Extremes revealed, with the developer saying earlier this year that 100 percent of ticket revenue from TennoCon 2016 would be going directly to Outward Bound Canada.

“I’m not often speechless but there are no words I can say that captures the excitement and emotion felt when meeting so many fans today in person,” says Steve Sinclair, creative director at Digital Extremes.

“It was an incredible experience for me and the entire Warframe development team to see how games — our game — can bring people together in such a positive way. Our community is second to none and they proved it by making our first TennoCon a huge success not only by attending but also by raising a significant amount of money for a very good cause.”

During a special TennoCon installment of the TennoLive show, the development team at Digital Extremes shared a sneak peek at some of the upcoming content for Warframe.

Included in the preview for TennoCon attendees was The War Within, the third and final expansion in the free-to-play title’s most recent updates. The War Within’s teaser, which can be viewed below, features the Operator and Conclave Master Teshin.

Following on from the competitive mode Lunaro being added in June and last week’s arrival of Specters of the Rail, The War Within will debut on PC first before heading to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Meanwhile, Warframe design director Scott McGregor shared details on the Titania, a unique Warframe possessing the ability to shrink the player to a tenth of their original size.

This shrinking power, McGregor said, allows “players to navigate levels in Archwing mode while attacking enemies with swarms of Titania’s vicious butterfly minions.” (It’s worth noting, however, that the name and ability’s description for Titania is not yet final.)

Watch the Titania teaser below:

Finally, as part of a new collaboration with Paul Otaking77077 and YouTuber mashed, Digital Extremes revealed in a teaser (posted below) that an animated short called ‘100 Days of Warframe’ will be coming sometime this summer.

According to Digital Extremes, 100 Days of Warframe follows the first 100 days after a Tenno awakens, paying “homage to Warframe and its awesome community with a humorous storyline.”

“Meeting you in person [at TennoCon] and being able to connect with you gave us a feeling of absolute joy,” Digital Extremes wrote on Warframe’s website.

“Seeing the faces of the players we have created for, and continue to create for, brought us pride and inspiration. Seeing you interested and excited about the game and our celebration couldn’t have been more incredible.”