XSplit Company Acquires Social Site ‘Player.me’

Player.me has been a rather niche social media site aimed towards videogame enthusiasts alike, helping gamers, journalists, and content creators reach new audiences and gain new friendships.

The service announced that SplitmediaLabs, the company behind XSplit (a program that allows its users to record and stream their videogames to platforms like Twitch), has purchased the service as part of their $10 million investment into various, interesting startups within the videogame industry.

Player.me’s CEO and Co-Founder took to Medium to announce the acquisition and what it may mean for the future of the service:

Of course wondering what the future holds for the Players and Player.me is all we could think about when we considered this whole deal. If you’ve been around for a while on the platform, you’ll know that Player.me is pretty much our life and we’ve poured every inch of our being (don’t be disgusting!) into this project.

Sean, the CEO, then proceeded to thank investors and those who contributed to the tricky success of creating a risky startup:

Apart from you guys, there are some other people we want to thank…our families and friends for sticking by us through all the ups and downs of startuplife, our investors for believing in us and being there for advice and support, the Player.me ambassadors for dedicating their free time to helping us and the community and last but not least everyone who has worked with us on Player.me, whether for a day or over the past 3 years.