Firaxis Releases First Look Video Series for Civilization VI

Since its announcement earlier this year, we’ve been hungry for more information about the upcoming Civilization VI. Conveniently enough, the guys over at Firaxis have kept a steady drip going over the last few weeks. One of these info feeds is called ‘First Look’, a series that is now hosted by Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller aka GameOverGreggy. Exploring specific areas of the game’s development, past episodes have looked in depth at various countries in the game, as well as an episode dedicated to the art team. The latest episode, released today, deals specifically with Civilization VI’s art style.  Throughout the episode, Greg Miller poses questions to various members of the team, including Art Director Brian Busatti, Lead Designer Ed Beach, Senior Producer Dennis Shirk and Designer Anton Strenger.

You can check the video out below, or see the full series (so far) on the official Civilization VI YouTube channel.