Koei Tecmo’s ‘Berserk’ Will Launch This Fall

Berserk has always been loved by fans of the genre, (splitting people open using a slab of iron mixed with strange demonic beings), and have been anticipating a game of this caliber for some time. Since Koei Tecmo’s announcement of the eponymous name, (Working Title), fans have been on the lookout for information regarding character announcements and a release date.  Now, it’s safe to say that the game will be launching this fall on PC, PS4 and PSV.

The game is going to be a type of Dynasty Warriors game where the payable character needs to mow down his enemies in order to complete an objective, perfect for this kind of series.  The series focuses on Guts, a lone mercenary who joins Griffith and his band of mercenaries known as the Band of the Hawk.  New battle mechanics are going to be introduced in the game so that players feel more as though they are in the Berserk universe, using Magic and Transformations.  You’ll be able to play as some of the titular characters in the Band of the Hawk and will be thrown into this world of dark fantasy.

The game is going to feature beloved characters such as Griffith and Guts as well as the hack-and-slash action featured in the manga.  So, beware because it looks like the Band of the Hawk is going to get a little messy.  More information will be unveiled in the following weeks so stay tuned until then.

Check out some of the screenshots for the game below: