Overcooked to be Served to PS4 Players Next Month

In a gloriously pun filled post on Playstation Blog, developer Ghost Town Games and publisher Team17 has announced that their competitive cooking title, Overcooked, will be releasing to PlayStation 4 August 3. The game tasks players with preparing a variety of dishes in settings that would cause Gordon Ramsey to curse a blue streak. (Of course, what doesn’t. That’s his shtick.) Volcanoes, cracking ice floes, and haunted abodes are just a few of the backdrops for competition, all in service of using culinary skills in a quest to save the Onion Kingdom.

The game is set to feature a few modes, including a solo campaign, couch co-op, and local competitive. While the exclusion of online might seem seem detrimental, it’s actually heartening to see a developer decide to focus on making the local experience the best it can be. It seems that most games go the opposite route, where local is an afterthought if it’s included at all. Plus, while I’ve never before been interested in a game with cooking as the subject, this one has my attention based on the trailer. Check it out below.