Street Fighter V Gets Capcom Pro Tour DLC Today, ‘Nostalgic’ DLC Later This Year

Despite the mixed opinions of Street Fighter V, Capcom is still very committed to supporting the game as evidenced by the smattering of new downloadable content the company announced today at the Evo 2016 fighting game tournament.

The first pack launched today, called the Capcom Pro Tour Premier Package. It comes with new costumes for Chun-Li, Cammy and a “mystery” third character to be announced later, so it’s hard to know if that means it’s a new costume for an existing character that Capcom wants to save as a surprise or a new costume for a character that hasn’t yet been added to the game. As well, there’s a new “Ring of Destiny” boxing stage, more colors for existing characters and some new titles for your online profile. The CPT Premier Package is $24.99, which is maybe a little too rich for my blood.

The more interesting content is in the “nostalgic” DLC the company teased. Capcom showed off images of new costumes for Ibuki and Alex based on their Street Fighter III looks — which, for Ibuki, means they presumably could’ve just pulled in existing assets from Street Fighter IV since she already wore that costume in that game, but hey — and a new recreation of Bison’s Thailand stage from Street Fighter II. Capcom didn’t let out when the DLC would be released, for how much, or if there’s anything else in the package. Hopefully there’s more Street Fighter II stages in the works.

You can check out pictures of the new/old costumes for Ibuki and Alex below, as well as a sneak peek of Bison’s Thailand stage.