LGBTQ Pride Parade Mod Comes to Grand Theft Auto 5

In honor of the Stockholm Pride festival, modders have brought an LGBTQ pride parade to Grand Theft Auto 5 called Los Santos Pride.

The mod — developed by JulioNiB, 8-Bit Bastard, TheFriedTurkey, Merfish and TheNathanNS — adds a massive pride parade in downtown Los Santos as well as new clothing options, other visual flourishes and a radio broadcast during the parade.

Speaking with the modders, Polygon reported that while the team considered canceling the mod after the horrific shooting in Orlando’s Pulse nightclub on July 12 that killed 49 people and wounded 53, ultimately they reached a decision to continue as planned, but make the parade itself indestructible.

It’s impressive work, and you can catch a trailer of it below and download the mod from the official site.