Microsoft on Crackdown Delay: ‘We Don’t Need the Game This Year’

Crackdown 3’s delay into next year proved to be the inevitable answer when it came to the game’s absence at this year’s E3, but now Xbox’s marketing manager Aaron Greenberg had shed a little more light on Microsoft’s reasons to push the game back claiming the company “don’t need the game this year” due to the line-up they currently have planned for the rest of this year. Speaking on the TXR Podcast, Greenberg explained that due to the Xbox’s first-party and third-party line-up, Microsoft felt it necessary not to squash the game into the same release window.

“We don’t need the game this year,” Greenberg explains. “We’ve got ReCore, we’ve got Forza Horizon 3, we’ve got Gears of War 4, we’ve got Dead Rising 4…just on the stuff we’re publishing before you get to all the great third-party titles. We have a great partnership with EA around Madden, around Battlefield. We’ve been more thoughtful about spreading out our titles over the next year…giving people time to play games; to have time and money to be able to go buy the next game. When we look at that window of time [holiday 2016], we sure didn’t need another big AAA game.”

It wouldn’t be the first time Microsoft have taken the decision to push-back the release of one of their major exclusives to avoid an internal fight for top-spot, as was the case with Remedy’s Quantum Break. As always, time will tell if this has turned out to be a good business move and if Microsoft’s first-party line-up alone in ReCore, Forza Horizon 3 & Gears of War 4 can help boost Xbox One’s status this fall.