Bob and Master Raven are Coming to Tekken 7

The final tournaments took place at EVO yesterday and among all the hype and trash talking Namco revealed two new characters to Tekken 7’s roster: Bob and Master Raven. Bob was introduced in Tekken 6 as the cocky and fast moving rotund fighter and Master Raven is a completely new character that takes the moveset of Raven who deuted in Tekken 5. If anything is to go by her name, Master Raven could be the instructor of Raven.

Both characters received trailers that showed off their moves and designs. She dons a cybernetic look that looks very similar to that of Raiden from the Metal Gear franchise. Bob is now donning an open Hawaiian shirt with ripped jeans and an undershirt. His moves are the same as you remember them.

Tekken 7 is currently in arcades in Japan and South Korea, but everyone else will still have to wait quite a while as Namco said it won’t be coming to consoles until 2017.