Could a Dead Rising Remaster be On the Way?

There’s been some speculation over the weekend that the recently-announced Dead Rising 4 may not be the only Dead Rising title close on the horizon. As spotted on Exophase — a trophy/achievement tracker — the original Dead Rising could be getting a remaster for PS4. It’s unclear whether or not said remaster could make its way to Xbox One & PC too, but if this turns out to be true, it would mean fans of PlayStation may finally get their hands on the 2006 debut.

The original Dead Rising was originally an Xbox 360 exclusive and it wasn’t until the 2010 sequel did the series expand onto Sony platforms via the PS3. The first game has remained Xbox exclusive on consoles, though given Microsoft’s timed exclusivity with Dead Rising 4 when it launches on December 6, it would make sense for a remaster of the original to be exclusive to PS4, albeit for a brief period. Stay tuned to see if the remaster rumors become a reality.