Earth Defense Force 4.1 Launches on Steam at #1 Spot

Sandlot’s signature series is out on PC at last and it looks like the dozen+ years it’s invested in the franchise is paying off nicely.  Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair hit Steam about 30 minutes ago at the time of this writing and instantly rocketed to the #1 spot.  Admitted, “the time of this writing” is midnight EST, so there’s not a lot of competition, but let’s give the game its moment of glory.  The series has gone from a pair of PS2 budget releases, evolved into a cult hit on Xbox 360 with the remake of the first game, and then the sequel did decent enough numbers on PS3 to earn a remake on PS4 last year.  Each one of Sandlot’s releases has given fans what they wanted, with bigger and more explosive action coupled with a wonderfully low-budget look that perfectly complements the cheesy sci-fi story.  It’s an apocalyptic invasion of giant bugs, chromed-out robots and flying saucers, paired with a wonderfully bombastic soundtrack that’s perfect for fighting back against thousands of swarming alien invaders.  EDF is fantastically stupid in a way that requires talented creators, and its over-the-top action provides one epic encounter after another.


Preserving the moment for posterity. It may not be there long but it’s nice while it lasts.