Mental Health Game Echoes Episode 1: Diagnosis Hits Steam Greenlight

Independent title Echoes has officially begun its Steam Greenlight campaign as of today, July 18, developer and publisher Thermo-Dynamic Games has announced.

The Greenlight trailer for Episode 1: Diagnosis, which can be viewed below, shows “the game’s more realistic visual style and more focus on the subject matter of mental health.”

“I’m extremely happy to be able to put Echoes on the Greenlight page,” says Stephen Chapman, founder of Thermo-Dynamic Games. “It will be a great chance for those interested in the game to ask questions and see how the game is shaping up.”

Episode 1: Diagnosis will introduce the ‘mind break’ mechanic, challenging players to overcome the alien sections of the environment so that they can progress further in the story.

“Set in a world created by our character’s dream states, Echoes changes from charming to challenging and weaves in [a] narrative to tie the experience together,” Thermo-Dynamic Games said.

Despite being in its early stage of Steam Greenlight, Thermo-Dynamic Games has already revealed its intention of taking Echoes to other platforms, with the developer hoping to reveal more information on the matter soon.

Thermo-Dynamic Games has confirmed that Echoes will be at Dare to Be Digital, a video game design competition being held in Dundee, Scotland, in August.

Running on the Unreal Engine 4, Echoes Episode 1: Diagnosis is scheduled to launch at some point in 2016. Early access for Echoes will be made available through’s Refinery’s program, Thermo-Dynamic Games has revealed.

Below are some screenshots from Echoes: