Quick Reminder: Neverwinter Goes Free on PS4 Tomorrow

The fact that I am a huge fan of Cryptic Studio and Perfect World’s Neverwinter should come as no surprise to even the most infrequent visitor of this site. Every time an expansion gets announced, I jump on it before any of my co-workers get the chance. That said, while I played the hell out of it on Xbox One, my frustrations with the laggy experience I have in general on Microsoft’s box caused me to give up. For some reason, my ISP prefers the PlayStation network…

Anyhow, the developer and publisher has seen fit to release the free-to-play MMO for the PlayStation 4. Technically, it came out last week for those who wanted to pony up for the head start pack. (It’s not a bad deal, seeing as it includes a mount and weapon, along with some other goodies.) I’ve been playing around a bit on this new version, and have found the net experience to be remarkably improved. Still, this is the early access edition. The flood gates open tomorrow, as anyone with a PS4 can download the game and play for free. A PlayStation Plus won’t even be required. This will be the true test, and the reason that a full review is forthcoming and not yet even close to completion.

Neverwinter PS4 (Again) Because I Won't Shut Up 1

Based on what I have seen so far, it is certainly worth a download. Neverwinter serves as a great entry point for folks new to the MMO genre, due to the low barrier to entry and the decent tutorials. It’s a good way for genre grognards to spend some time, too. This is coming from a lapsed World of Warcraft player who also put some time into Dungeons & Dragons Online and Age of Conan. Hopefully, I’ll see some of you there.