Respawn Releases First of Titanfall 2 Developer Series Videos

With the anticipated sequel to robot-shooter Titanfall encroaching on the horizon, Respawn Entertainment has dropped a new video to enlighten fans about the development process of Titanfall 2.

In the video entitled “Titanfall 2 — Inside Development: Intro,” producer Drew McCoy discusses the reasoning behind the creation of these digital shorts, thanking fans for their support of both entries in the series. McCoy also hinted at what will be covered in future installments of these videos, including Respawn’s new processes for hosting servers and matchmaking, a new feature called Networks which allows players to more easily group up with their Titanfall 2 friends and additional details about the multiplayer gameplay.

Titanfall 2 will release on October 28 for Xbox One, PC and, for the first time in the franchise, PS4.