Retro City Rampage DX Now Available on PSP

The PSP has been a largely-dormant device outside of a couple of releases since the Vita’s launch in 2012. The system’s library was amazing in its day, and has held up remarkably well in an age of mobile gaming raising the bar for what kind of graphics are acceptable for on the go gaming. The PSP was home to a few Grand Theft Auto games, so it’s fitting that a game inspired by that franchise, but with an 8-bit feel would be released on the console as one of its swan songs. VBlank’s love letter to the ’80s and ’90s is now available on the PSP for $9.99, although it is not a cross-buy title because that program didn’t exist on the PSP. If you’re still getting some use out of your PSP and love the idea of RCR DX, then give this a shot.