Sword Coast Legends Launches on Consoles with PC Version Updates

Sword Coast Legends launches today for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 so console players can finally enter the world of Dungeons & Dragons from their living room. The PC version has been serving countless quests since last fall and this version includes all the DLC that’s come to the game during that time. It will also include the Rage of Demons DLC for free.

Explore the Forgotten Realms during the story campaign crafted by industry veterans of Dragon Age: Origins and the Dungeons & Dragons team at Wizards of the Coast. Travel through the pirate city of Luskan and the caves of the Underdark single-player or experience it with up to three friends.

There’s also a Dungeon Crawl Multiplayer mode that lets a player play Dungeon Master in randomized dungeon runs to place enemies and manipulate the encounters friends will face. Some of the other recent additions to Sword Coast Legends include the warlock class, drow, tiefling, new character skill trees, new DM unlocks and hardcore gameplay options.

Sword Coast Legends is available digitally on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for $19.99.