Final Fantasy XIV Surpasses Six Million Players

Who would have thought Final Fantasy XIV would not only still be going hard to this day, but doing incredibly well? Originally released in 2010 to scathing reviews from both critics and consumers, the Japanese company took a huge hit that nearly ruined them. To get back on their feet, Square Enix released A Realm Reborn three years later that fixed virtually all of the problems and was beloved by players. It was only last year that the first major expansion, Heavensward, was released to once again glowing reviews.

Since then, the Final Fantasy XIV userbase has continued to grow to exponential numbers. Coinciding with the launch of Patch 3.35, Final Fantasy XIV has hit yet another milestone. Square Enix has announced that arguably the best MMORPG available on the market has exceeded six million cumulative players worldwide.

To celebrate this joyous occasion, there will be a free login campaign going on between July 25 and August 30 where players who have had their subscriptions lapsed will be given 5 free days (120 hours). Final Fantasy XIV is currently available for PC, PS4 and PS3.