Hypersect’s Minimalist Shooter Inversus Coming Next Month

Developer Hypersect have provided us with a release date for their upcoming minimalistic Asteroids-style arcade shooter, Inversus, which debuted earlier in the year. Speaking on the official PlayStation blog earlier today, Hypersect have announced that the top-down 2D title will be available on both PS4 & PC on August 16. Inversus pits players in a grid-like structure of squares where strategy and survival are as much a key to succeed as shooting is as you battle for open space while at the same time ducking and weaving between incoming waves of enemies and enemy-fire in order to rack up a high-score.

Inversus will also feature a versus mode where players compete for territory and overall dominance of the grid by attacking (and subsequently defending) territory from the opponent’s fire. Multiplayer will come in both local and online form with 1v1, 2v2 and even co-op modes included alongside both local play and the game’s main single-player arcade mode. Check out the game’s official trailer below.