Myst Spiritual Successor Obduction Delayed to August 24

Do good things truly come to those who wait? Fans of Myst and other adventure games like it should hope that the answer is “yes,” because developer Cyan’s Kickstarter-funded first-person game Obduction has been delayed by about a month, now set to release on August 24 instead of the originally planned release date of July 26.

The reason for the delay? As stated on the game’s developer blog, while the Cyan staff could have shipped the game in late July, they felt that doing so would mean that they were driven by the deadline, as opposed to simply taking all the time and effort needed to make Obduction the best game that it could be. So the game will be undergoing a few more weeks of polish in order to craft something the team is truly proud of. It may take a little longer than expected, but hopefully this just means that the mysterious and breathtaking journey that Obduction promises will be worth the wait even more.