Retro City Rampage Getting Second PS4 Printing, PSP Version Now Available

Retro City Rampage came out on physical disk for PS4 a few years back and sold out before a lot of fans noticed, causing it to sell for about $150-$200 depending on whether it’s sealed or not.  That collector’s market may be taking a hit with today’s announcement that it’s getting a second printing, or maybe it will shoot up in price due to the new version having a different cover.  The collector’s market is a weird place, after all, and there’s no predicting its long term reactions.

The important thing is that, in celebration of the PSP digital-only release of Retro City Rampage, there’s also a new printing of the PS4 version with a different cover from the first, gold foil-stamped and including a PSP display case and manual for the first 3,000 copies.  There can’t be a physical disk due to PSP production having stopped, but at least it’s something to display on the shelf.  While the first 3,000 copies have fancy extras, the print run is going to be functionally unlimited so anyone who’s got a spare $30 and a desire to have Retro City Rampage on their shelf will get a crack at it.  There’s no reason to let the scalpers soak the fans who want to own a copy of the game, and this plan allows the first edition to retain its scarcity while keeping the cost of ownership down to a reasonable level.

Retro City Rampage is currently available on PSP right now in the US, next week in Europe.  If you already own it from PS3, PS4, or Vita the game is cross-buy, so you’ve got it already.  The new PS4 physical version goes on sale this Friday, and it should be fun to see how fast a limited edition second printing sells.