Could Pokémon Go’s Success Put Nintendo Back On Track?

Following the Master Ball size success of Pokémon Go, Nintendo can’t seem to fade from the spotlight of all sorts of media outlets. The internet is obviously in a buzz, news outlets are outright playing the game on air and doing multiple reports on it on a daily basis so it’s kind of an understatement to say that Nintendo has hit this one out of the park. Could the success of the mobile app point towards an even brighter future for the video game company?

Since the days of motion controlled gimmicks have passed, Nintendo’s Wii U struggled to find its place within the industry. With only twelve million units sold, which is a significantly lower number than that of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Nintendo wasn’t in the best position. The community would use the Wii and Wii U as its prime example of why Nintendo needs to drop out of the “console war” and for a time there it was a little touch and go, but then came the announcement of the NX and the leaked specs providing a sneak peak of its “superior” processing powers over that of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This leak proved enough of a threat to push both PlayStation and Xbox to put out beefed up versions of their current consoles and while they were busy at E3 either showing off their newest console (Xbox One S) or talking about their incoming one (PS4 Neo) Nintendo just showed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild (which, granted, turned out to arguably be the best game shown at E3 2016) and talked about nothing else. They didn’t reveal the NX or even speak about it, they simple showed up to E3 and said “check out this Zelda game you guys wanted.”

It didn’t matter that nothing was shown about the NX because for all three consecutive days of the event the Zelda booth was so long that if you didn’t show up right when the doors opened, you probably wouldn’t be getting your hands on the game at all. Even still with this in mind people remained patient and willing to even entertain the idea of getting their hands on The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’s demo. After an magnificent E3, a few months later Nintendo released Pokémon Go and by now we all know how well it’s doing and how much money Nintendo is making off of it.


Now, because of Pokémon Go’s success, Legendary Pictures is reportedly working their butts off to secure the rights to the franchise for a live action film. If the name Legendary Pictures sound familiar to you, that’s probably because they were also behind the recent Warcraft film. This isn’t Legendary Pictures first rodeo attempt at wrangling up the film rights to Pokémon as they were also attempting to do so back in April of this year, but now with the massive success of the mobile app, this could be the tipping point that places its foot on the accelerator, pushing forward negotiations.

For argument’s sake, let’s say the deal falls flat and the live action Pokémon movie is never made, too bad, so sad, moving forward. Even without the potential dump truck full of money made off of the film, there’s still a lot left on the table going forward. This is where the potential, Rise of Nintendo, emerges from its GameCube ashes, with an overabundance of money (assuming Pokémon Go continues to hit its subjective mark to remain profitable) comes flexibility to take more risks. Saying that out loud about Nintendo could make ones spin shiver, but in a business stance this takes a lot of pressure off of the NX. With a lightened load of pressure on the NX to perform, Nintendo can focus just on making a quality gaming console with top tier games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, rather than focus on creating a unit seller in-order to boost profits. Pokémon Go has already boost profits and the NX will sell.


With profits up and business booming, Nintendo has a lot of avenues to venture down as there’s the mobile market, Nintendo Land at Universal Studios, the Nintendo movie universe and of course the video game industry. The future for the company looks bright and the first time in years gives hardcore gamers an excuse to shift their focus back on the company and their upcoming product.