Shattered Skies Releases on PC

After completing its open Beta this week, Shattered Skies is set for release onto PC today. The multiplayer survival shooter sandbox is described as “an open world looter shooter that pits users against alien monstrosities and other players in a no rules sandbox where people can choose to help others, or hunt them”. Here is a quick list of features for those wanting a bit more information.

  • Player vs. player (PVP) and player vs. environment (PVE) play
  • A full reputation system that allows players to role-play as a good or bad guy
  • Hundreds of unique lootable weapons, consumables, fortifications and cosmetics
  • The ability to secure buildings with barricades, traps and other fortifications to keep players and aliens at bay
  • Collectible rare items for saving and trading
  • Fully customizable character cosmetics, including headwear, facewear, body, pants and shoes

Shattered Skies will be available to purchase on Steam as well as via its official website. Three different starting packages are available starting at $24.99. For more information and impressions, the Hardcore Gamer review of Shattered Skies will go live in the next few days.