The Next Licenses Fit for a LEGO Video Game

LEGO video games have been a massive hit for years and really show no signs of slowing down thanks to a wide selection of licenses being used. The Star Wars franchise has made a triumphant comeback in the last year and because of its history of success meant its latest iteration would receive a LEGO version video game. LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens fared decently as did the hit mash-up LEGO Dimensions, but here are so many franchises, licenses, brands and more from television and film that would fit right in to the LEGO universe. Here is our list of what could come next for such a long-running series and the fun that could be had. There are plenty of options out there, but these would make great additions.

Alice in Wonderland

alice in wonderland
The classic literary novel and its accompanied stories have long been popular and continue to thrive. Various iterations by Disney, video games, and other forms of media have kept it relevant. Alice in Wonderland is worthy of receiving an entire LEGO title of its own, perhaps a series. It has a colorful cast of characters, strange environments, deep storyline, and plenty of humorous moments. One problem however, is how will it all be portrayed? The animated Disney version offers the most iconic appearance while Tim Burton’s take is a bit darker. This decision can be left up to the creators but there’s no reason not to have both especially in a weird place like Wonderland. Perhaps it will open up the door for even more Disney properties to receive their own games. LEGO allows for so much creation and Alice in Wonderland is probably as imaginative as it gets in terms of novels.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

ninja turtles
These guys have been around since the 1980’s and have pretty much had their faces and logo covering every conceivable piece of merchandise. The Ninja Turtles have their own LEGO sets and titular video games. So, why not combine the two? They would be perfect to include in the stellar cast of LEGO Dimensions. There are a variety of classic comic book and cartoon characters in LEGO games, so let these four join in on the fun. Or, obviously let them star in their own LEGO video game. They have a huge variety of villains, allies, vehicles, weapons, and levels to incorporate. It’d feel like the beat’em ups they are known for but in a simpler LEGO format. Give the Ninja Turtles a LEGO video game is a logical way of giving fans of all ages something to enjoy. And it won’t matter if it’s the old school look or the newer versions, LEGO pizza sounds delicious no matter what.

Sesame Street

sesame street
Alright, plenty of us grew up on this family-friendly educational show. One could say it’s a childish choice but that’s pretty much what it what be geared to. Children enjoy LEGO toys, video games, and Sesame Street. Including the product in LEGO Dimensions seems like a more probable version than its own title. Big Bird, Elmo, Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster and more would be great in cameo roles within the game. Seeing other characters traveling around Sesame Street, counting numbers and learning their ABC’s is just pretty funny to think about. Kids and parents will be able to bond over these longtime friends. Since Jim Henson was the creator of the series, maybe more of his characters like The Muppets can get in on the action. If a full game was to be made it must include all of his works in some way.

The Matrix

the matrix
It doesn’t matter which pill you choose, there’s some potential for The Matrix to be included in the LEGO world.  The Matrix may seem like an odd choice for this list but there is plenty to consider. LEGO Dimensions has currently implemented and has plans for characters and scenes involving Missions: Impossible, Jurassic World, and Ghostbuster which are all PG-13 rated films. Sure, it may be geared toward older fans, LEGO games have always done well at simplifying it for all ages. Plus, there are a number of unique scenes to recreate in LEGO form. Dodging bullets, epic fights, and more can all make their way to the game. There are plenty of other titles that could be considered but the Matrix has a great fan-base and iconic imagery. Plus, it has been quite some time since we had a decent Matrix game, so perhaps giving it a bit role in LEGO Dimensions can bring it back to the spotlight.

My Little Pony

my little pony
Any excuse to talk about MLP is fine by us! In just a few years, the latest animated series has completely transformed the cartoon landscape. However, in that time frame there has never been a console game based on the Friendship is Magic series. Creating a LEGO world would be a great way to transition the characters, storylines and setting into their own video game. There is plenty for Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and everypony else to do in Equestria and a LEGO version of them all means fans of all ages won’t have to worry about over-complicated stories or controls. The art style is bright and cheerful, enemies and supporting characters come straight from the show, and there will be so much to explore. My Little Pony is overdue for a legit video game and its own LEGO title will help.

With so many cartoons, movies, novel and more in this world of course there is room to include hundreds and thousands of licenses. This short list is just the tip of the LEGO iceberg. Comment below with one of your favorites that could be converted into a LEGO video game.