More Pokémon Sun and Moon Info Coming in August

We’re about to start August off on the right foot thanks to new information coming for Pokémon Sun and Moon. After the massive amounts of characters that have been shown off thus far, we can only imagine what else will be revealed. There is currently not much to base on for the upcoming announcement besides the image used to promote it.

There are pictures of four Pokémon revealed from the last batch. We know their typing, some quirks, and their abilities but there’s always so much to learn. If it’s not about them, there could be even more new Pokémon to see. We haven’t been given details on the storyline or areas of the game so that’s also a possibility.

The next announcement takes place August 1 at 10:00 PM JST. The last couple of reveals have been in the form of a trailer, so we can probably expect the same. Check back here for more information on Pokémon Sun and Moon.