Nvidia Unveil New Titan X

It would appear Nvidia have certainly gone to lengths with today’s announcement of the new Titan X graphics card, the latest in the Geforce GTX 10 series. The company’s latest GPU — built on the new Pascal architecture — boasts to have over 3500 GPU cores, 12GB of GDDR5X memory, as well as being able to deliver a whopping 11 TFLOPS of computing performance. If true, this would mean the Titan X has nearly double the performance of Project Scorpio’s alleged (and marketed) 6 TFLOPs and nearly three times that of PS4 Neo’s rumored 4 TFLOPs.

But it’s worth noting that the Titan X will certainly not come cheap — the asking price for such a powerful graphics card coming in at roughly $1200. Around the same amount of money you can spend on a current “good” PC build. What’s more, the Titan X will be fully SLI compatible and looks to be the solution to those who dare to dream of 4K gaming at maxed-out settings. You can view a full list of specs on Nvidia’s website here.