Starbound Finally Leaves Early Access, Gets Launch Trailer

Well, it’s been years in the making, but the popular sci-fi sandbox and survival adventure game Starbound has now reached Version 1.0, and has thus  left Early Access to be available as a full game for all to enjoy. And to celebrate, Chucklefish have also released an accompanying five-and-a-half-minute launch trailer, seen below, complete with a hearty thanks towards the community that helped make all of this possible.

The lengthy trailer provides players with a good look at what exactly Starbound can offer, including a peek at its new full-fledged campaign mode, put in alongside a host of other new changes and additions as well. Unsurprisingly, Starbound has now spiked up on the sales charts as of the time of writing, so it looks like excitement levels are high indeed. Needless to say, if you’ve been wondering what all of the fuss has been about over this lengthy amount of time, now you may finally want to check out Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store to pick up Starbound and see for yourself.