This Month’s Loot Crate is Pretty Cool

With a massive boom of popularity comes the inevitable backlash. This is something that Loot Crate has found itself experiencing for a while. It’s not that their business is hurting. Far from it, in fact. The diversification that they have embraced has led to numerous crate types, from the gaming focused Loot Gaming to the clothing packed Lvl Up. The vanilla crate, though, hasn’t been the best as it tries to be all things to all people. However, if this month is any indication the company might be on its way back to resolving this problem, bringing back the coolness that was found in heyday of the service.

There were numerous sweet little things in the box this month, centered around the “Futuristic” theme. A high quality Star Trek memorial decal was included. There’s an issue of Valiant’s 4001 AD, as well. Rick & Morty see some love in the form of a t-shirt, for those into the show.

Loot Crate 1

There are two standout items, though. One is a Planet Express Ship replica of rather decent quality. It attaches to the stand via a magnet, so taking it off and putting it back isn’t an issue. There are no awkward seams on the model, either. It is light weight, but sturdy enough.

The other item, and the only reason I feel like I can get away with posting this on a gaming website, is an exclusive red variant Kid Robot Mega Man figure. Look at the little guy up there. He’s adorable.

Anyhow, time will tell if this uptick in quality will continue, but this month’s box is certainly a good sign for things to come.