Watch Japanese Sony and Square Enix Employees Duke it Out in Overwatch

It’s no secret that Overwatch is the bee’s knees. The combination of a deeply addictive and robust feedback loop, free updates and a game that’s just an absolute blast to play make Overwatch a heavy contender for Game of the Year awards come December.

We here at Hardcore Gamer (Read: mostly me with my 140 hours played) are huge fans of Blizzard’s hero-based arena shooter, so any bit of interesting Overwatch content is worth a peek. Today, a two-and-a-half hour video showcasing members of Square Enix and Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Japanese teams battling each other via the use of Blizzard’s twenty-two iconic heroes.

Before you dive into this video, bear in mind that these teams are playing the PlayStation 4 version of Overwatch, which is notably slower than its PC counterpart. If you’re looking for super high-level play, this is definitely not the place. Still, if you’re looking to check out some fun competition in a game that’s still insanely popular, check it out below: