PGS Lab Cancels Kickstarter Campaign

PGS Lab’s Kickstarter was a rousing success to start, but its trailer led many to question the device. Specs seemed to change, with hardware changes being pitched by backers and the company saying that anything was possible for the hardware. The trailers also seemed a bit odd, with horribly-synced English voice acting over the original spoken dialogue. Today, the company released an e-mail announcing the premature end of the campaign.

They are apparently still planning a release of the device, with pre-orders available on the official site and users being able to get the Kickstarter price of $399 using “hardcore” as a promo code. They also announced that the Lite version might be cancelled as well. The twists and turns this device has taken are quite odd, but those seeking a portable gaming option outside of the 3DS and Vita may want to go with the GPD portable.