Dungeon Punks and Hyper Light Drifter Now Available on Xbox One

If you’re in the mood for some action RPG-style gaming, then two new additions to the Xbox One’s storefront should pique your interest. Hyper Light Drifter originally hit PCs and is now available on the Xbox One, while Dungeon Punks blends action RPG character building with gameplay more akin to a beat em up from the early ’90s.

Dungeon Punks uses hyper-detailed animation to build its world, while Hyper Light Drifter uses highly-stylized pixel art and a ton of color. HLD blends in Legend of Zelda-style gameplay with Souls-influenced difficulty. For many, HLD’s use of Zelda-influenced gameplay will put it over the edge for them – and it definitely does seem like a worthwhile pickup for fans of overhead Zelda gams.