Nintendo NX Will Reportedly be Announced in September, Powered by Nvidia

Nintendo is reportedly set to announce the NX in September, and that it will be a handheld console powered by Nvidia technology.

Those hoping Nintendo would abandon crazy concepts and make a traditional console may be out of luck. According to Eurogamer, a number of sources have confirmed that the NX will be anything but ordinary. Instead, the NX will be a handheld console bookended by two controller sections that can be attached or detached at will. At home, the NX can be placed of a docking station to connect to your TV.

It also looks like Nvidia will finally haves its line of chips in a home console. Both Sony and Microsoft decided to use AMD’s x86 architecture for PS4 and Xbox One over Nvidia technology. Nintendo will be using Nvidia, but not in the same way PS4 and Xbox One are using AMD’s tech. The NX will reportedly be powered Nvidia’s Tegra mobile processor.

That’s right, the NX will be powered by a mobile processor. This definitely means that graphics on the NX will not match those seen on PS4 or Xbox One. However, the sources claim that Nintendo is not aiming for graphical parity with competing consoles. Instead, the company is willing to sacrifice on power to squeeze as much of this tech into the handheld as possible.

The sources also believe that the NX will use game cartridges, and that Nintendo is recommending developers use a 32GB cartridge. Due to the radical change in hardware and technology, the NX will not be backwards compatible with Wii U or Wii software. Finally, the NX will run on its own operating system and not Android.

Nintendo is believed to be unveiling the NX sometime in September. Though this is just a rumor, this does lineup with what the company did for the Wii U. In September 2012, Nintendo held a special event to reveal the Wii U launch date and lineup of games. Something similar for NX sounds logical. Also, Nintendo is planning a simple marketing message for NX to avoid the fiasco that was Wii U’s marketing message.

This all, obviously, needs to be taken with a huge grain of salt. While Eurogamer tends to be quite reliable, this must all be treated as rumor and speculation until Nintendo makes an announcement. The NX is expected to launch March 2017.

Thanks, Eurogamer!