The McMahons Join the WWE2K17 Roster

Every year, 2K releases a WWE video game packed with a variety of characters. They range from some of the lesser known wrestlers to world famous superstars. However, since the incarnation of WWE and its video game series, one name in particular has been seen for decades–McMahon.

The family has been in charge of the company throughout the generations often appearing on-screen and as part of storylines. Now, Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon, and Vince McMahon will be included in the upcoming WWE2K17. At this moment we do not know to what extent they will be playable or remain in as managers within the game.

With the brand split in effect Stephanie and Shane are in charge of their respective shows. Perhaps we will see this incorporated into WWE 2K17 as well. Take a look at the NXT edition of the game, pre-order character, and additionally revealed wrestlers.