These Aren’t the Single Player Modes You’re Looking For

Star Wars Battlefront blasted its way onto the current-gen scene almost a year ago and since its debut players of the nostalgic franchise have been clamoring for a single player mode to engage in. There had been single player modes available, but none were decent enough and stirred up quite the galactic controversy loud enough to reach the ears of empire company DICE. The rulers of the Battlefront galaxy had finally graced its inhabitants with a bone, however could it be that the “new” modes being offered to enhance the single-player experience are subpar at best?

When Star Wars Battlefront first launched, the focus was clearly on its multiplayer; the Battlefront series has always prided itself off the multiplayer aspect of the game, after all. The aim of the game was always to set you and your friends up in the midst of iconic battles that took place throughout the Star Wars universe. Nevertheless, during the franchise’s time on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, not many gamers were quite plugged-in to the online gaming world yet, causing most gamers to engage the game in two ways. The first of which being, if you were lucky enough to have siblings or friends, the two of you would play single-player co-op or Instant Action and either fight together against the common enemy or most likely choose a side and battle it out. The second way would be to crash your friends house who had the internet jack attachment and explore the world of online multiplayer only to be met with players around the world ten-times better than you for the first time.


The new Star Wars Battlefront, however, decided to skip over the single-player staple found within all Battlefront games, including that of which was launched on the PSP. Instead the only single-player action offered was wave-based missions, which took place on confined maps and like Tattoine; there wasn’t much to offer in this desert wasteland of an offline mode. A year later and DICE has finally decided to listen to that muffled nagging voice of its community by releasing a Skirmish mode. The Skirmish mode offers offline players the opportunity to play multiplayer modes such as Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron by themselves against bots or with a friend online, but wait, that’s not all; you can also play split-screen as well.

If you couldn’t tell by now my excitement is all but enthusiastic. When DICE announced that they would be releasing single-player DLC, I assumed that it would be something more than just more of the same. I know, I know, there was the leak that basically announced the entirety of Battlefront’s Single-player DLC, but I was naïve enough to hope for more than just multiplayer matches now available to play offline. The game has been out for a whole year now and DICE has been promising us that more offline content was on the way, little did I know that “more” to them meant two already existing game modes (that should have been single-player accessible from launch) that you have probably already played online to total exhaustion. With the game growing older and more repetitive by the day it would be expected or at the least smart to create a worthwhile single player mode (instead of taking two already existing game modes and tossing mindless, Stormtrooper aiming, bots into the mix) to add a breath of fresh air to this incredibly dry, dull game.


Star Wars Battlefront remains a shallow game; it’s a base level multiplayer shooter with a handful of subpar game modes (including multiplayer and single player) which at their best work greatly for multiplayer addicts who love Star Wars. For those of us who want a little bit more and are growing tired from diving into the same game modes over and over again to wreck noobs and toss out insults we would never dare to say in front of our mothers, Star Wars: Battlefront and its lazy single-player DLC add-on will not provide us with the experience or entertainment we are currently searching for. Our best bet is to hold out hope that the rumored Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will provide more than a base level multiplayer experience the second time around.