Level-5 Unveil New Professor Layton Game Lady Layton

During their recent Vision 2016 event, developer Level-5 unveiled Lady Layton, the latest game in the puzzle-solving Professor Layton series. As you may have already spotted, Lady Layton — or to give it its full title, Lady Layton: The Conspiracy of King Millionaire Ariadne — sees the debut of Layton’s daughter, Catriel, as the main character/protagonist in her father’s absence. An absence which the game’s premise points out when providing some of Catriel’s back-story; uncovering the truth to her father’s mysterious disappearance the backdrop to her early days as a London-based detective.

Lady Layton has so far been given a Spring 2017 release date in Japan and as such there’s no info on a possible Western release later down the line. The game will be available on 3DS as well as mobile devices via iOS & Android. You can check out the game’s official announcement trailer below.