Multiplay to Help Host Titanfall 2 Multiplayer, Aims to Prevent Downtime

Respawn Entertainment have today announced that UK-based gaming services company Multiplay, will be helping with the running of Titanfall 2’s online multiplayer systems. Utilising Mutiplay’s auto-scaling hybrid-cloud technology, the aim is to provide a more efficient online service for those around the World who will finally get to go hands-on with Respawn’s upcoming first-person shooter later this year — reducing the risk of downtime in the process, in the event of outages. Players will, as Multiplay claim, be reconnected within minutes of such a scenario. The added cloud technology will offer, as Jon Shiring, Lead Programmer for Respawn Entertainment states: “more flexibility…endless scalability, and the highest reliability” for what should be one of the year’s most active online games.

Shirling continues: “What’s really important to me is that the game just works. We wanted to make sure we had an insane amount of scalability and reliability, so we partnered with Multiplay because they have a great deal of expertise in game server hosting.” Multiplay have previously worked with some of the biggest companies and publishers in the industry in offering multiplayer-focused services, including (but not limited to) Crytek, Ubisoft, DICE and even Valve. Titanfall 2 launches for PS4, Xbox One & PC on October 28.