Pokémon Go Plus Accessory Delayed to September

With many mobile gamers currently caught up in the nostalgia-fest that is Pokémon Go, Nintendo announced a last-minute delay of an accessory for the title, known as Pokémon Go Plus, from later this month to September.

For $35, Pokémon Go Plus will enable players on the move to receive notifications about nearby Pokémon and Pokestops without having to keep a constant eye on their smartphones. If players have previously caught the Pokémon, they can also throw a Poke Ball to capture this new one from the device. While no one knows how long this Pokémon Go craze will last, some are questioning whether this gadget’s Fall release will be enough to encourage those who have stopped playing to return to the AR adventure.

Keep it tuned to Hardcore Gamer for a more precise release date on Pokémon Go Plus, as well as additional coverage on Pokémon Go’s future updates.